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Framlingham Audio Guide
The Audio Guide - The Perfect Compliment For The Town Trail

The audio guide was completed to accompany you either on your Town Trail (details HERE) or as individual audio snippets of information when visiting any of the many historical attractions in Framlingham, including the Castle, St Michaels Church, Jeaffresons Well, Framlingham College and much more. It was compiled by Sound Boarding Production and narrated by Nick Jenkins. Remember to also download the guide and map where things are explained even further. Nick Jenkins is originally from Stradbroke up the road a bit from Fram, worked for Hungarian Radio for nine years and gave us a nice plug on Radio Suffolk. As Sounding Board Productions he has generously created an audio guide to Framlingham of outstanding quality, it's just like Radio 4 has come to Fram! You can download the guide for your mp3 player or iPod from this page. "Think of the audio guide as a radio programme inspired by the sights the town trail takes you to see. You'll hear a mixture of sound, music and speech with Framlingham people talking about Fram past and present. The guide is divided into some 20 segments and you will soon come to recognise a repeating piano motif that crops up at the end of a segment or when you have to take a brief walk to the next stop. Please do remember to switch off your players when crossing roads" - Nick Jenkins
Download The Audio Guide

You can download the files below either in 22 seperate parts, or in one download which contains all the parts in one file. Once extracted to your hard drive, load them to your mp3 player in the normal way or as instructed by your audio players handbook. Once completed, you will discover a new 'Album' on your player entitled 'The Framlingham Audio Guide' with 22 tracks in the correct order for when following the town trail.

The Complete Town Trail Audio Guide (44Mb ZIP File)

Part 1 - Introduction • MP3ZIP
Part 2 - Starting at Elms Car Park • MP3ZIP
Part 3 - The Village Pump • MP3ZIP
Part 4 - Station Road • MP3ZIP
Part 5 - Thomas Mills • MP3ZIP
Part 6 - Queens Head Alley • MP3ZIP
Part 7 - The Crown Hotel • MP3ZIP
Part 8 - The Crown & Anchor • MP3ZIP
Part 9 - The Dipping Pond • MP3ZIP
Part 10 - The Bowling Green • MP3ZIP
Part 11 - Framlingham Caslte • MP3ZIP
Part 12 - The Meadow • MP3ZIP
Part 13 - Framligham College • MP3ZIP
Part 14 - The Readery • MP3ZIP
Part 15 - Vicorian Pillar Boxes • MP3ZIP
Part 16 - St. Michaels: The Church Bells • MP3ZIP
Part 17 - St. Michaels: The Church Organ • MP3ZIP
Part 18 - St. Michaels: The Church Tombs • MP3ZIP
Part 19 - St. Michaels: The Church Yard • MP3ZIP
Part 20 - Bill Bulstrode • MP3ZIP
Part 21 - The Library Court • MP3ZIP
Part 22 - The Mere
How Too...

The above files are saved in MP3 or smaller 'ZIP' format. Download them to your computer and add them to your mp3 player in the normal way. For the complete Town Trail experience, remember to download the Trail Guide and map from this website to take with you.