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Framlingham Rifle Club

Framlingham Rifle Club is a long established .22 rimfire target shooting club which meets all year round on an indoor 25m range. Various teams and individuals shoot to 100m at rifle ranges across East Anglia and most of the members enter into postal competitions; some shoot only for practice but everyone has the chance to enter national competitions where they can qualify to take part at the Bisley Rifle Meeting at the National Shooting Centre.
Framlingham Rifle Club is a small club with friendly people successfully shooting to County and National standards who will coach newcomers to reach their potential and thrive on the personal challenge that is smallbore target shooting. FRC is open to new members; experience isn't necessary and we can find all the equipment you'll need to have a go before you decide to join us.
In the first instance, please email Andy at or visit the National Smallbore Rifle Association website at


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