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Framlingham Bridge Club

We play friendly and sociable Duplicate Bridge at Framlingham Conservative club (it's very comfortable and has full bar facilities) on Monday evenings and Wednesday afternoons . Monday evening is club night , we start play at 7pm . All visitors are very welcome even if they have no partner as we run a host system. Wednesday afternoon is for learners and improvers, and those that can't play on Mondays. It is ideal for those that are a bit rusty, or would like to try duplicate bridge, or have a few lessons under their belt. We stop mid session for tea. Visitors pay £2 on Monday, and £1 on Wednesday (plus £1 for tea and biscuits if wanted) . Please see our web site for more details.

Telephone: 01728 602938
Framlingham Conservative Club 10 Church Lane Framlingham

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