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Framlingham Residents' Association

The Association campaigns for developments that are sympathetic to or enhance Framlingham’s character as a fine historic market town serving the day to day needs of its residents.
 The Association shall encourage (amongst other things): The appropriateness, quality and scale of new and adapted buildings within the town and its immediate surroundings The timely provision of the infrastructure required to support new development. Provision within the town for enhanced public services, including transport, health, education, youth services, libraries, leisure and other cultural activities. Effective management of traffic, parking, road safety and cycling. The idea of localism and the provision of appropriate private sector retail, leisure, commercial and industrial premises and facilities. Biodiversity and ecological management for the protection of endangered species, natural habitats and the historic landscape. 
The Association shall not normally become involved in planning applications or other disputed issues of an individual nature unless that issue provides a precedent that may have wider impact on the community. The Association is independent and no Officers or Executive Committee members can be members of any Committee of a political party, members of Parliament or Councillors of the Framlingham Town Council or Suffolk Coastal District Council.

Telephone: 01728 723 250
Bridge Cottage, 40 Fairfield Road, Framlingham, IP13 9LH

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