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Island Jewels

Hi, my name is Megan, I live in Fram and have a Jewellery Party business. I do home parties and also local events for schools and organisations. I also have a new website and online shop.  I have a selection of designer, sterling silver, stainless steel, fashion and handmade Murano glass jewellery from Venice. I also stock accessories for example scarves, watches, cufflinks and handbag hooks etc. Designs and styles vary incorporating a range of materials including glass, pearls, metals, wood, acrylic and resin. All my Murano glass is genuine and comes from Venice where it has been made by the artisans since the 12th century. Gold and silver leaf are incorporated into the glass and the pieces are all handmade and come with a guarantee.

Telephone: 01728724487
12, Castle Brooks Framlingham, Suffolk IP139SF

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