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Sensory Garden Planting Events - NOV / 25 / 2017

Sensory Garden Planting Events

Suitable for ALL age-groups

Help create a Sensory landscape and Therapeutic gardens at Mills Meadow Care

Home… make life-long memories and share experiences between generations

Sustain native plant species and protect wildlife by re-generating their habitat for the future

Saturday 28th October, and

Saturday 25th November 2017

at Mills Meadow Day Centre Fore Street, Framlingham IP13 9DF

10:30 -  12:30


We can find homes for bulbs, small shrubs and perennials

We are looking for all types of Plants to enhance our FIVE senses:

SIGHT   -  Bright eye-catching flowers

SMELL  -  Fragrant herbs and perennials with heady scent and aromas

TASTE  -  Harvest fruits, tasty herbs and vegetables

TOUCH  -  Rough, smooth, furry or spiky leaves and stems

HEARING - Grasses & seed heads that rattle or bamboo to make wind chimes

Perhaps you need to re-locate a small Native tree

or want to re-home some saplings?

e.g. blackthorn, crab apple, elder, hawthorn, hazel, medlar, rowan,

silver birch or wild cherry/plum etc.

For further information : 01728 440511      

(Charity Reg. No. 1167837)

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