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The Swifts Are Back
Added on Thursday 11th May

Over the past week or so the swifts, which visit our town to breed every year, have appeared in the sky with their distinctive scimitar shaped wings and their high pitched cries. They have made the long flight back from Africa to return to their nesting sites in the castle walls and in roofs around Framlingham. These amazing birds, which spend their lives on the wing, except for a short time whilst incubating eggs, have shared our buildings since the Romans came to Britain.  But possibly for not much longer as modern and renovated buildings exclude them.  In just 20 years the UK population has dropped by around 45%.  Nest boxes have been designed which can be installed in new and renovated buildings and do not allow the birds acess to the rest of the roof space. Its a pity developers and planners do not pay more attention to this low-cost solution to yet another species of wildlife which shares our planet and is being put under threat.

Surveys are ongoing to monitor the situation - for more information on how you can take part visit the website of the Suffolk Ornothologists Group at

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