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The Tour of Britain in Fram Today
Added on Friday 8th September

Pity about the rain but there was still a good turn out to watch the Tour of Britain whizz through the town accompanied by police outriders, team cars,and spare bikes on roof racks. The  entry consisted of 20 teams with a maximum number of 6 riders . A few have been lost on previous stages with one American rider being disqualified for entering a railway level crossing gate as the gates were closing; 2 disqualified for nipping round the bunch on the pavement and one unfortunate competitor who on an earlier stage crashed into the back of a parked car and had to abandon the race. A helicopter was taking birds eye views as the the cyclists raced through the country, one of the most amazing images being a farmer in Nottinghamshire who had managed to coax his flock of sheep into the shape of a giant bicycle in their field! A gallery of pics from today should be on here soon.

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