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Framlingham Skate Park
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Taken on September 24th, this pic shows the cutting of the ribbon when the skatepark was re-opened after a summer of work building concrete ramps, which when incorporated with the existing metal ramps restored the original layout. Shown is Nick Corke from the Mills Charity [which gave a substantial amount towards the cost], wielding the scissors. Looking on: Persephone Booth and Bob Snell also from the Mills Charity, skaters Aramis and Asher; Jonny Gooch, Angelika Grant and Lyndsay Gooch from Skate Fram fundraising Group, and the Town Council represented by Chairman Cllr Carolyn Youngs, Cllrs Rhodri Griffiths, Steve Lovett, John Jones, John Ashley-Smith and Town Clerk Eileen Coe.

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