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The Framlingham Town Trail

"The Town Trail was a great fun magical mystery tour of Framlingham and certainly took us to all the places we would otherwise have missed. Brilliant!" - Pat O'Dowd - Graysville, Tennessee USA
Don't miss a thing!
If you see people walking around Framlingham who appear to be staring constantly at their feet, they're probably actually following the Town Trail.

Why the Town Trail?
Framlingham is bursting with history and hidden nooks making much of its history and interest easy to miss, so we have created the Town Trail which is a circular walk marked by metal plaques around the town which take you on a comprehensive tour of Framlingham.

What is the Town Trail?
To help you on your quest, we have created a guide document to accompany you which you can download and print ahead of your visit by CLICKING HERE then simply follow the metal plaques around the town!

To complete your quest
For the ultimate guide you should download the audio guide from our audio guide pages HERE. You can then load this onto your mp3 player or iPod for a personal tour guide, who will ensure you know all the history and details of the things you'll see on your town trail.