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Framlingham Videos
A few movies of Framlingham related happenings!

Our video pages gives links to videos mostly submitted by residents lucky enough to be filming something interesting around Framlingham! If you have a short film that you think should be added - please email us HERE with the details and we will share it with the World!
Fram Horse Show 2012 - Suffolks

Added on 21st July 2012

The Suffolk classes leaving the ring after the presentation of prizes.
Fram Horse Show 2012 - Driving Classes

Added on 20120721

The driving turnouts parade round the main ring.
Framlingham Gala Procession

Added on 9th June 2012

Framlingham Gala 2012 - This shows part of the procession featuring the Norwich School of Samba (making all the noise!)
Kangaroo Display Gymnasts at the 2012 Fram Gala

Added on 6th May 2012

The Kangaroo Gymnasts perform their Victorian Slapstick routine on Castle Meadow as part of the Gala in June 2012.