Framlingham Town Council’s response to a request to consider A 30 year plan for Framlingham. Councillors having discussed the request to produce a thirty year plan for the town have concluded that it would be difficult to create a detailed plan over such a period. However the Council recognise that it is important for the town to have a vision for the long term.

In shorter time scales, there are two tasks that the Town Council must do:

First, a five year strategic plan is needed to provide focus and direction on key issues and agree priorities for the short and medium term, for example to manage expenditure of CIL funding.

This will then feed into the second task: the review of the Neighbourhood Plan, which will involve representation from a number of bodies within the town. The work on this will commence in the spring of 2021, and the plan will take the town through to 2036.

It is in the Neighbourhood Plan where a longer term vision will be required, not just for the 15 years to 2036, which will bring us in line with the East Suffolk Local Plan, but looking further ahead perhaps to 30 years in outline.

Both documents are dynamic and under constant review. The Neighbourhood Plan in particular “carries weight” with both District and County Councils as it has to have the agreement of the residents of the town before it can be adopted or “made”. This means that District and County Councils are obliged to take the policies contained in Framlingham’s Neighbourhood Plan into account when making decisions.

Throughout the Neighbourhood planning process councillors and all interested residents and organisations will meet to discuss the policy and planning requirements and ways of improving the Town on behalf of its residents as part of the community consultation requirements.

Our vision being:

To make Framlingham the most vibrant, thriving, distinctive, safe and prosperous market town in East Suffolk, retaining its historical character, respecting the environment, reflecting the views of its community and providing an outstanding quality of life for current and future generations.”

Strategic Plan 2020-2025

Download the Strategic Plan for 2020 - 2025

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