Brand New

The Framlingham Town Council have now launched it’s brand new website for 2018 with many new exciting features, easier navigation and responsive design to adapt to the many devices we all look at websites with.

The History
Receiving in excess of 100,000 unique visitors per year, won the Suffolk Association of Local Councils (S.A.L.C.) prestigious ‘Website of The Year’ Award in both 2014 & 2016 and played an important part in ensuring Framlingham were the first Town Council to win a  ‘Quality’ award as part of the Local Council Award Scheme in 2017.

Despite the obvious success of, upcoming changes in policies concerning the hosting of websites meant that a new website has been developing over the last 4 months – and now here it is!

The new website is a total rebuild of the previous version and adds many new features that locals and visitors to Framlingham will find very useful.

Responsive Design
To ensure the website looks good on all devices such as smart-phones and tablets (which are now used by over 70% of visitors to the website) is now completely responsive, dynamically resizing and re configuring to perfectly fit screens of all sizes – but still looks great for the few of us still using desktop PCs!

A new and improved news section enables multiple images to be included with our regular bulletins from around the town

Framlingham Market
The Framlingham Market now has it’s own section with detailed information of each trader and their products.

The new event section still displays featured events as before, but now includes all weekly meetings of local clubs, groups and church services in a week by week view.  The is now also a mini-calendar to enable visitors to easily find events on any specific date

Town Council
The Framlingham Town Council section has been totally revamped to display details of the Town Council, the committees, working groups and it’s councillors. It is now also easier to find, preview and download agendas, minutes and all other publicly available documents and includes a comprehensive search facility.

Visit Fram
The new directory of is the jewel in the crown of the new website implementing ‘geolocation’ technology. All attractions, shops, businesses, services and event locations can be precisely pin-pointed on a map, searchable by location and can even direct visitors using Google Maps. This opens up amazing possibilities for the future.

Noticed Anything Wrong?
The new is not an update, but a total rebuild of the previous website. We have worked for many months creating the new website and tried our best not to miss anything, however it is sensible to expect an omissions or two. If you notice anything that requires attention, please get in touch with our web developer Jon HERE who would welcome any suggestions or improvements to the new

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