The risk of infection in Fram is currently very low – let’s keep it that way.

The aim of the Fram Covid 19 Response team is to minimise the risk of infection in the town. To do this we need to build a picture of the risk locally and prepare our plans to manage it. You can help us do this.

Join millions of people to support researchers at King’s College London by signing up to the Covid 19 Symptom Study app. The study is building a picture of infection across the country and has been accurately predicting the UK’s new hot spots.

If a good number of Fram residents sign up we can start to build a picture of the risk locally to support our work in the community. In the fight against Coronavirus reliable information is key. Obtaining good local data is crucial to avoid a second wave.

• It only takes a minute each day, reporting your symptoms even if you feel well
• It will help the scientists to track how fast the virus is spreading in our area.

You can view the COVID Symptom Study results, the maps, and research at: To join the study, download the C-19 app on your smart phone or tablet. A message will be sent each day to remind you to record any symptoms.

It’s voluntary – but the more people who sign up, the better the picture. Over 3000 people in Suffolk Costal have joined so far.