While on holiday last year the Town Clerk saw some wonderful painted cycles with the front baskets planted with colourful bedding, she put this idea to the Town Council’s PR&Markets Committee and with full support went ahead with the idea.

A few weeks later the OVO Women’s Cycle Tour was announced and it was confirmed that the race would be coming through Framlingham on 10th June. She then applied for funding from East Suffolk Council which had a budget for the Cycle Tour and won a grant of £400. £200 was spent locally on four full sized cycles spray painted silver, and she then sourced containers to fix on the back of the cycles as well as basket liners for the front and planted them up with colourful summer bedding, which she has been nurturing in her garden for the last few weeks.

With the assistance of her husband the cycles and flower baskets were put together and secured to street furniture in the town. Cllrs Marion Hine, Jo Simpson and Penny Wraight will keep them deadheaded and watered throughout the summer, after which they will be disassembled and stored for the winter ready to start again (hopefully) next spring. See photos

As well as the new colourful cycles the 11 flower tubs around the town have been planted up and we are very grateful to the businesses and local residents who sponsor the cost of plants, compost and feed each year. The Town Clerk also assisted 4 others in clearing three of the Lime tree roundels on Market Hill and these have had new compost added and planted with Lavender and Geraniums – all donated locally.

With businesses and residents also contributing by putting up hanging baskets, planting pots and clearing the remaining garden area under the Lime trees on Market Hill as well as the flags and bunting flying (thanks to Karen and Bill at Bulstrodes and Framlingham Sports Club) the town looks bright and colourful for everyone to enjoy.