The Town Council have prepared a plan to provide a town-wide response to Covid-19 in Framlingham. Our objective is to put in place structures to support the community over the coming months.

The plan has four main elements:

1. We have set up a co-ordination centre in the Town Council offices, in the library. This will co-ordinate information/action across the town. It will also link with the emergency services and agencies at County level.

2.We are establishing neighbourhood ‘cocoon’ groups across the town. These will be composed of 10 to 20 households. The idea is that neighbours can support each other making sure that nobody is left isolated without support, food or medical care. Communication within the cocoons can be done by telephone, internet or just shouting over the fence!

We must look after each other.

We will cluster the cocoons into areas – the town will be divided into 10 administrative areas. Each will have an area co-ordinator. They will link to the co-ordination centre and will allow us to pass information up and down the structure ensuring support is directed where it is needed.

3. We are establishing a capability to supply food and medical supplies to isolated and vulnerable people. We are looking to be able to supply ‘meals on wheels’, food shopping and prescriptions.

4. We are working with Framlingham’s Churches and other community groups to ensure that there is social and spiritual support for residents. Using telephones and social media we will provide support to the community.


We need you to organise your neighbourhood cocoons. For more information email:

Or phone: 01728 720183 or 07725314235 – the phone maybe busy – please be patient.

We need help delivering food and medical supplies. For more information email:

Latest Government advice can be found on:

Take care of yourselves and your neighbours

Covic-19 Response Map