The historic and picturesque town of Framlingham has been chosen to pilot a hi-tech new scheme to help people access the internet and make use of digital technology. The aim of the scheme, titled ‘Digital Towns Project’ is to make the whole of East Suffolk digitally enabled to help drive the economic development of the District.

The ‘Framlingham Digital Towns Pilot’ is the first project to go ahead in the scheme in a partnership led by Framlingham Town Council, Framlingham Business Association and East Suffolk Council. This will make Framlingham the first of what could be a long line of towns in East Suffolk to receive free wifi, along with a whole host of other digital and technological solutions.

Eileen Coe, Town Clerk at Framlingham Town Council, said: “The Town Council is delighted to be working in partnership with East Suffolk Council and Framlingham Business Association on this project to deliver free wifi in Framlingham. This is a wonderful opportunity for the town.”
Victoria Perkins, Chairwoman at the Framlingham Business Association, said: “Framlingham Business Association is pleased to be a part of this pilot that will offer free wifi and support to maximise business use of electronic media.

“This will bring real benefits to both FBA members and non-members alike. We are looking forward to the next stages of the design and build.”
Nick Khan, Strategic Director at East Suffolk Council, said: “The concept is a simple one. Take a small rural town in the heart of East Suffolk and explore what is possible in terms of using digital and other technology to help the town and its communities thrive.

“We’ll see what works, what doesn’t – and use that learning and evidence to expand the concept across the whole of East Suffolk. “The contracts have been signed with the contractors and we are currently working on finalising the finer details – we hope to be able to start the work very soon. All being well, we hope that the work will be completed by mid-summer 2019.”