We are not a new group. You may never heard of us but some of Britain’s greatest historical figures like Isaac Newton, Florence Nightingale, Elizabeth Blackwell (first woman doctor) and Charles Darwin had strong Unitarian connections or sympathies. In our contemporary age, World Wide Web inventor Tim Berners-Lee is a Unitarian. All of these people have offered a major contribution to making the world a better place – turning original thought into action. Though we cannot all be world-changers, Unitarians see absolutely everyone as having innate worth and dignity.

Our congregation has existed in Framlingham for over three hundred years. Yet we believe that the best kind of tradition is one that is open to evolution and change, reflecting new understandings, so as to better meet people’s needs and nurture people’s hopes in the world as we experience it today.

We do not strive for uniform beliefs among our Meeting House community. In fact, we view creeds as unhelpful – binding us to beliefs that may no longer make much sense to us.

Instead all are encouraged, and supported, to develop their own spiritual understanding as an aid to daily living. We do this through regular Sunday gatherings, study groups and other activities.

We have a beautiful historic space which has been a place of quiet reflection and celebration for centuries and we want to make it welcoming for as many as people as possible.

Albert Place
IP13 9DX
CALL 01728 621409

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