We all want to improve the quality of life in the town where we live, and working together as a community will allow us to make meaningful change.

This project aims to facilitate a way for our community to collectively develop new project ideas for activities and events based on the needs of our community. Framlingham Inclusivity is open to all residents in Framlingham and the surrounding villages to participate in a very flexible way, attending seminar type meetings and being in contact through emails and reports.

Inclusivity Working Group
The project includes a core of twelve people forming the Working Group itself, who meet regularly to coordinate agreed projects. This working group reports the discussions, ideas and recommendations raised at community meetings to the Town Council’s PR & Markets committee who will ratify proposals as appropriate. In this way the group can influence development of projects in the town, gaining access to funding more easily as it will be based on strong community support, especially to the “New Homes” funding budget available from the East Suffolk Community Partnership Areas.

If you would like to be involved in Framlingham Inclusivity please register your interest by sending an email to: