Looking after yourself and your neighbours – How it can work

What are we doing?

As part of our response to the Corvid-19, we are setting up a ‘good neighbour’ structure so that we can ensure that vulnerable and isolated people can be supported during the coming weeks. This will be done by dividing the town into small neighbourhood groups or ‘cocoons’ where neighbours can support each other. These cocoons will then be grouped together into areas which will then link into the Town Council which will be responsible for co-ordinating activity across the town.

How will it work?

Each area co-ordinator identifies people who can lead for each cocoon in their area. The map of areas can be found on Framlingham.com.

For practical purposes, it is suggested that each cocoon is composed of 10 – 20 households. This should mean that each area is composed of 10 – 15 cocoons. This should be a manageable number. However, we are feeling our way forward here and this is not prescriptive.

How will we communicate?

Communication is from the Town Hall co-ordinating centre to area co-ordinator and then area co-ordinator to cocoon lead or vice versa. We will be able to use the structure to pass on information issued by the County Council and other agencies.

The primary means of communication between the co-ordinating centre and area co-ordinator is by WhatsApp/emails. The area co-ordinators will put in place local communication systems.

What you need to do

Cocoon leads should be asked to contact their neighbours and exchange telephone numbers/email addresses. They should identify vulnerable/isolated people in their cocoon and provide what support they can – this can be shouting over the fence. If people require a food/medicines delivery that is not already organised the cocoon lead should contact the ‘HourCommunity’ direct (tel. no. 01728 440511). For non-emergency NHS issues phone 111. For emergencies phone 999.

People suffering from anxiety/worries can phone the Worry Tree group on 01728 400533.

The area co-ordinator/co-ordinating centre have a watching brief – is the system working/are their specific needs within a particular cocoon? If there is then we will need to work out a way of addressing the issue.

Issues to consider

We can anticipate that people in the chain will fall ill. So, everybody needs a deputy down to cocoon level.

We are looking to put in place a process for volunteers phoning isolated people to maintain social contact. It might be that this could be organised within the cocoons.

If you would like to volunteer, please email support@framlingham.com