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The Framlingham Town Council Planning & Environment Committee usually meet on the third Monday of each month. The agenda for the next  meeting is always available a week or so ahead of the meeting from our documents pages. All documents from council business are publicly available from our documents pages HERE.

The Town Council is a statutory consultee on planning consent applications and is also involved in District and County Structure Plans. The Town Council considers planning applications twice a month, at the full council meeting and at the planning committee meeting. We have 21 days to respond to applications and our comments are considered by Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC) but the final decision rests with their planning department. Letters supporting or objecting to an application should be sent directly to Suffolk Coastal District Council and a copy sent to the Town Council.

The public are welcome to attend the town council planning meetings and may speak at the discretion of the chairman. Plans are available on Thursday mornings in the Town Council Office, or by arrangement with the Town Clerk, or at the SCDC Offices in Woodbridge or online at the SCDC website. Nine tenths of applications are SCDC Officer delegated decisions; ie the Chief Planning Officer, who has delegated authority, decides refusal or approval. If the SCDC has received an objection to an application then the monthly Development Control Sub-Committee meeting determines refusal or approval.

The sub-committee meets at the SCDC offices in Woodbridge and the meeting is open to the public who have a right to speak at an allocated time. Ensure you arrive early and identify yourself to the appropriate officer advising that you wish to speak. The Planning System is a changing document and one which affects us all. By working with Suffolk Coastal District Council we hope that our comments help maintain the beauty of our unique town while improving and expanding in a sensitive manner to the benefit of all.

All meetings are currently being held via ZOOM video conferencing

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Framlingham Town Council
10c Church Street, Framlingham IP13 9BH.
Telephone: 01728 720183
Email: townclerk@framlingham.com.


Planning & Environment Committee Agenda 26th April 2021

Agenda for the next (or most recent) meeting of the Framlingham Town Council Planning & Environment Committee.

TitleDescriptionDate addedDownload
Planning Committee Minutes April 2021 Draft26-04-2021
Planning Committee Minutes 15th March 2021 APPROVED15-03-2021
Planning Committee Minutes 15th February 2021 APPROVED10-02-2021
Planning Committee Minutes January 2021 DRAFT18-01-2021
Planning Committee Minutes November 2020 DRAFT16-11-2020
Planning Committee Minutes October 2020 APPROVED19-10-2020
Planning Committee Minutes September 2020 APPROVED21-09-2020
Planning Committee Minutes June 2020 APPROVED15-06-2020
Planning Committee Minutes February 2020 APPROVED17-02-2020
Planning Committee Minutes January 2020 APPROVED20-01-2020
Planning Committee Minutes December-2019 APPROVED16-12-2019
Planning Committee Minutes November-2019 APPROVED18-11-2019
Planning Committee Minutes October-2019 APPROVED21-10-2019
Planning Committee Minutes September-2019 APPROVED16-09-2019
Planning Committee Minutes July 2019 APPROVED15-07-2019
Planning Committee Minutes April-2019 APPROVED15-04-2019
Planning Committee Minutes March-2019 APPROVED18-03-2019
Planning Committee Minutes February-2019 APPROVED18-02-2019
Planning Committee Minutes January-2019 APPROVED21-01-2019
Planning Committee Minutes December-2018 APPROVED17-12-2018
Planning Committee Minutes 19th-November-2018 APPROVED19-11-2018
Planning Committee Minutes 15th-October-2018 APPROVED15-10-2018
Planning Committee Minutes September-2018 APPROVED17-09-2018
Planning Committee Minutes July-2018 APPROVED16-07-2018
Planning Committee Minutes June-2018 APPROVED18-06-2018
Planning Committee Minutes May-2018 APPROVED21-05-2018
Planning Committee Minutes April-2018 APPROVED16-04-2018
Planning Committee Minutes March-2018 APPROVED19-03-2018
Planning Committee Minutes February-2018 APPROVED19-02-2018
Philip Collins
Town Council Chair / Lands Chair
Simon Garrett
Vice Chair / Planning Chair
Clive Eastwood
Clive Eastwood
Town Councillor / Rights of Way, Highways and Lighting Chair
Tim Higham
Town Councillor

The Framlingham Town Councillors are local, receive no payment and are not to be confused with District (East Suffolk) or County (Suffolk) councillors who have political affiliation. All Councillors are required to comply with the Code Of Conduct and register their interests.

Details can be found on the East Suffolk Register of Interests which can be accessed by CLICKING HERE. Councillors can be contacted through the Town Council Office on 01728 720183 or by emailing townclerk@framlingham.com.


There are currently vacancies for Framlingham Town Councillors and there will be a By-Election held on 6th May. Notices and information will be published nearer the time on the Notice Boards and www.framlingham.com website. In the meantime anyone interested can access information on the Town Council including agendas and minutes HERE. All meetings are open to the public to attend and to speak under Public Comment or just to observe. Details on how to join via Zoom video conferencing is on the published Agendas.