Framlingham Town Council (The Council) has not been mandated on which to either support or oppose the proposed building of a third nuclear power station at Sizewell. Therefore, The Council remains neutral and will not permit its name to be used on any petitions or circular style letters either for or against the project.

The Council only considers planning applications that directly relate to or effect the residents of Framlingham. However, this is a very large infrastructure project in the region which will affect Suffolk communities over a long period of time therefore, The Council will monitor the progress of the planning application and any related matters and correspond with the relevant parties should it feel that the correct protocols are not being followed or if issues arise that may impact Framlingham.

The Council does take a stance on general matters of planning process and public involvement, and has written to East Suffolk Council and Suffolk County Council to express concern that the planning process continues while public involvement is constrained. We shall continue to monitor this closely.

We also encourage Framlingham Residents to take part in the consultation process and ensure that all views are heard in this matter.