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St Michael’s Rooms Project Summary:

The focus of this project is the rebuilding of St Michael’s Rooms – on 7/6/18 the Town Council agreed to support this project and to apply for CIL funding to complete it.

It has been agreed that the building will be of a similar size and in a similar location to the current rooms.

The purpose of the hall is to provide a venue for clubs and social groups in the town. A list of the anticipated uses has been drawn up.

The agreed approach to deliver this project is for the PCC to lease to the Town Council the land that the hall will be built on and adjacent car parking. The Town council will build and own the hall. It is anticipated the hall will be managed by a charitable trust.

This is a joint project between the PCC and the Town Council, supported by volunteers.

Minutes of Working Group Meetings

St Michaels Rooms


St Michaels Rooms Minutes July 14th 2018

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St Michael's Rooms Update

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St Michael's Rooms Information Sheet

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Meeting Notes 15th June 2018

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