Framlingham Town Council has supplied a temporary public toilet at the Pageant field on Badingham Road. The toilet will be there for the next seven weeks for users of the Play area and Pageant Field.
As reported in the EADT there was a last-minute hitch with the hire company supplying a unit which required steps but had not supplied the steps. At the most recent meeting on 2nd August the Town Council agreed to spend up to an additional £300 to rectify the problem.
However, after contacting the hire company, they came out immediately with two sets of steps to fix the problem at no charge to the Town Council.
The toilet will be open from 08:30am to 7:00pm every day. The facility will be inspected and cleaned daily and the Town Council will monitor its use and if it is well used, will consider using this as evidence towards a proposal to build a permanent toilet block on the Pageant Field.
Chair of the Lands Committee Cllr Stephanie Bennell said “ It’s a great relief!”