John Simpson
Town Councillor / PR & Markets Chair
John sits on the Rights of Way, Highways and Lighting, PR & Markets and Lands committees John (Jo) Simpson is married to Ingrid, the owner of Simpsons Sweets. They moved to Framlingham in 2013 after 10 years living in Melton. In previous lives he has been a colonial civil servant, Investment banker, upholsterer and sail maker, and currently works near Parham for a polythene manufacturing company. They have three children, one training as a lawyer, another a chef, and the third works in events management. He enjoys DIY, walking the dogs, reading and sailing. Joined the Town Council in 2017.

All Councillors are required to comply with the Code Of Conduct and register their interests. Details can be found on the East Suffolk Council Register of Interests which can be accessed by CLICKING HERE. Councillors can be contacted through the Town Council Office on 01728 720183 or by email