Penny Wraight
Town Councillor
PENNY WRAIGHT was born in Essex and moved to Framlingham in 2016 and has already volunteered to participate on Working Groups of the Town Council. Before retiring she was a Local Government Officer for a Local Authority in Essex and has an HND in Public Service Management. Penny is married to Alan and has two sons, both married, and she enjoys spending time with her grandchildren. Penny has a vast experience and knowledge of community work from organising charity events raising funds for Mayor’s charities, Chairperson of the School Governors, to representing leaseholders on a Consultative Committee of a large Housing Association. Penny takes a keen interest in politics and her hobbies are music, gardening, skiing and travel. Joined the Town Council in 2019

All Councillors are required to comply with the Code Of Conduct and register their interests. Details can be found on the East Suffolk Council Register of Interests which can be accessed by CLICKING HERE. Councillors can be contacted through the Town Council Office on 01728 720183 or by email